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Lustos by Weazel75 Lustos by Weazel75
Random New Character time.

This is Miles Boone. Or, actually, this WAS Miles Boone. Currently he is the Guardian of the Lunar Element, one of six lesser Elements of the 13 that govern the Universe. The man Miles Boone is dead, and his spirit has manifested itself in the form of a black and silver Weasel, as he was a tricky, conniving man in life.

His soul is mixed with that of Lustos, the embodiment of the Moon. For extra pun, the name is a combination of Latin "Luna", Moon, and "Custos", Guardian. Governing unpredictability and Madness, Lustos is seen as a the Embodiment of Luck, fitting, as Miles was something of a Gambling man.

Lustos compliments and opposes Custolis, the Guardian of the Sun. The two keep each other in balance, and should one go wild, it is the other's job to subdue them.

As a lesser Elemental Guardian, Lustos, and thus Miles, is greatly affected by the people. Basic believe in his existence empowers him. However, how the people perceive him also comes into effect. If the people see him as a monster, then he will find his body and mind warping to suit that perception. Likewise, if he is seen as an all loving figure.

Thus to preserve themselves as much as possible, Lustos and the other lesser Elemental Guardians, rarely interact with normal people, commonly having to be summoned forth.

The symbol on his chest is that of the moon. It is an actual fur pattern, and not a tattoo or the like.
Nitrinoxus Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice! Hopefully we'll get to see the other 12 Guardians, too.

...Custolis, huh? From a mix of the word 'custos' and a contraction of 'solaris' (Latin for 'Guardian' and 'Solar', respectively), correct?
Weazel75 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Weazel75 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Student General Artist
As background, the other eleven are Inaminus, Legaror, Vagatus, Ignitos, Custerra, Aquatos, Aeristos, Cuslux, Cusbrae, Tractos, and Temptos. Though I only have names for them.
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